Matt Sprunger

Professional makeup and special effects artist based out of Atlanta, Ga.

Matt is a member of the Local 798 Makeup Artist Union, and has been in the makeup and special effects industry for 12 years, and has worked on such films as "Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2," "Fast 8," "the Hunger Games," and television shows such as "Sleepy Hollow," and "Banshee." He also supervised a makeup and special effects shop for 5 years; making him proficient both on-set and in the shop.  Matt is always testing and working with new materials and techniques to stay up-to-date and refine his skills so that he can deliver the best quality work for any situation. 

After sculpting several masks, wearable arts and accessories, Matt and his wife created an online store for collectors and lovers of all thing geeky..

Amanda Sprunger

Lab technician & sales specialist.

While Amanda was working in a completely different field for many years, she unknowingly began to create what would become a husband & wife online business.  She started by selling collectibles on eBay and hand-crafted items on Etsy.  At the same time, Matt was spending his free time creating side projects at home; making what he loved.  After adding a few of Matt's pieces to her online stores, it was apparent that collectors and cosplay fans were interested. Amanda began spending more and more time with Matt in the garage, and as a result, she gradually learned how to cast, run, and reproduce everything.  In January of 2014, she decided to leave her full-time job to further their online business.  She continues to run the studio, and has done projects for several productions.